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GlobalPlatform - Automotive Task Force GlobalPlatformの車載セキュリティ (Automotive Cybersecurity)関連アクティビティ。

Link - GlobalPlatformの最新標準化動向 (2020/06) GlobalPlatform Official Site

GlobalPlatform加入・年会費 (2022/03) 年会費 一般企業だと、下記のFull / Participating / Observerのどちらかを選択 - Full Member - $33,000 per year - Participating Member - $26,500 per year - Observer Member - $13,000 per year - Public Entity Member - $7,000 p…

GlobalPlatform Specification - Card Specifications + Amendment

GlobalPlatform SE (Secure Element) Specification Card SpecとそのAmendment (2022/02時点)

Link - 3種類のTEE比較 (ARM TrustZone / Intel SGX / RISC-V Keystone)

3種類のTEE比較(Intel SGX, ARM TrustZone, RISC-V Keystone) from Kuniyasu Suzaki

drone + Secure Element事例 (2021/08)

Parrotの産業用ドローンANAFI Ai(Wisekey社のSecure Element搭載) その他

GlobalPlatform 推奨暗号 (2019/02)

概要 Specification Link Specification概要 (Requirements) 推奨暗号一覧 Block ciphers Deprecated Legacy use until 2023 Recommended Modes of operation Deprecated Legacy use until 2023 Recommended Authenticated encryption Recommended Hash func…

GlobalPlatformメンバー会費情報 メンバー種類 FULL : $33,000/yr PARTICIPATING : $26,500/yr OBSERVER : $13,000/yr PUBLIC ENTITY : $7,000/yr CONSULTANT : $1,500/yr 現行GPメンバー情報

GlobalPlatform最新情報一覧 (2021/04)

Secure Element (SE) Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Device Trust Architecture (DTA) GlobalPlatform Certification Schemes IoTopia / MUD File Service Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) Secure Element (SE) 通信(SIM / …

Link - Google launches ‘Android Ready SE Alliance’ for digital keys, mobile IDs

GlobalPlatform - 紹介動画

SESIPとは - Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (2021/06)

(今後頑張って内容をまとめる予定。今の所リンクぐらい・・・) SESIPとは Link Official Site - GlobalPlatform その他 SESIP関連ニュース SESIPとは 「Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms」の略 IoTデバイス(IoT Platform)のセキュリティ…

イベント情報 - GlobalPlatform / Oracle SE IoT Workshop (2021/04/13 - 04/15)

GlobalPlatformとOracleによるSecure Element for IoTワークショップ(無料) Agenda DAY 1 (April 13) Welcome from GP and Prime Sponsor(s) GlobalPlatform SE Overview Java Card Overview GlobalPlatform SE for…

SESIP, PSA Certified 関連記事

事例 NXP LPC55S16 MCU - PSA Level 2 and SESIP Assurance Level 2 (Testing / Cert by Brightsight) Renesas RA6M4 / RA6M3 / RA4M2 - PSA Level 2 and SESIP Assurance Level 1 (Testing / Cert by Brightsight) 基礎知識 …

Eurosmart - 2019 SHIPMENTS AND 2020 OUTLOOK

Eurosmart - 2018 Secure Element Shipments / 2019 Estimation

Link - Facts & Figures - 2018 SECURE ELEMENT SHIPMENTS GlobalPlatform - 6.2 Billion GlobalPlatform-Compliant Secure Elements Deployed in 2018

洋書 - Smart Card Programming

Smart Card Programming作者: Ugo Chirico出版社/メーカー: Lulu.com発売日: 2014/08/12メディア: ペーパーバックこの商品を含むブログを見る 感想 目次 1. Smart Cards 2. Technical Basis 2.1 Smart Card 2.1.1 Memory Cards 2.1.2 Microprocessor-based C…

TPM vs. TEE vs. SE

Link 概要 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Secure Element (SE)

GlobalPlatform Annual Seminar (2018/09)

Overview Location : Beijing, China Date : 2018/09/19 - 2018/09/20 Topics : Security in our Connected World. Main categories Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Secure Element (SE) Link GlobalPlatform Annual …

GlobalPlatform Technology Document

概要 Secure Element (SE)主要ドキュメント Card Specification V2.3.1 (2018/03) Java Card API and Export File for Card Specification v2.2.1 (org.globalplatform) v1.6 (2014/03) GlobalPlatform Technology Virtual Primary Platform v1.0 (2018/03) …