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  • 2018/08現在3つのCommitteeによるドキュメントが掲載されている。
    1. Secure Element (SE)
    2. Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)
    3. Trusted Platform Services (TPS)

Secure Element (SE)主要ドキュメント

Card Specification V2.3.1 (2018/03)
  • GPの一番有名なスペックの一つ。IC Card / Smart Cardの仕様
  • ICカード、アプリ開発者向け
  • card components, command sets, transaction sequences and interfaces.
  • dynamic post-issuance card management, which facilitates the addition and modification of applications.
  • This specification is hardware, operating system, vendor and application neutral, enabling it to be applicable to any type of deployment and industry.
Java Card API and Export File for Card Specification v2.2.1 (org.globalplatform) v1.6 (2014/03)
  • GP Card Spec v2.2.1準拠 Java Card API
  • Java Card Applet開発用
GlobalPlatform Technology Virtual Primary Platform v1.0 (2018/03)
Open Firmware Loader for Tamper Resistant Element v1.3 (2017/06)
Overview of Complete Life Cycle for GlobalPlatform SE Products v1.1 (2017/03)

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)主要ドキュメント

TEE System Architecture v1.2 (2018/12)

Trusted Platform Services (TPS)主要ドキュメント

Secure Element Remote Application Management v1.0.1
GlobalPlatform Root of Trust Definitions and Requirements v1.1 (2018/07)