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Java Card サンプルアプリ - Service

開発環境構築 Java Card Service Serviceアプリ File構成 Source code service.scr 実行 実行結果 OUTPUTの解析 Link 開発環境構築 こちらを参照 Java Card Servic…

Java Card - 主要APDU Type

Link JC 3.1 Manual - Sending and Receiving APDUs JC 3.1 Manual - Downloading CAP Files and Creating Applets

Java CardからのAPDU処理 - APDU Class

Java CardでのAPDU処理 javacard.framework.APDU Card上のAppletはCADと直接やり取りはしない。必ず、JCRE(Java Card Runtime Env)を経由。 JCREがAPDU object (APDU buffer - internal byte array)を作成 C-APDU, R-APDUおさらい C-APDU R-APDU C-APDUの解…

Java Card開発 - 環境構築 (Java Card 3.1)

必要ドキュメント 環境の用意 JDK 8 Java Card Development Kit Simulator / Java Card Development Kit Tools Eclipse - Windows Eclipse IDE (Eclipse Neon, Oxygen, or Photon) 今回の環境 インストール (2019/02時点) JDK 8 (JDK 8u201 64 bit) Eclipse …

事例 - STMicro - ST54J : NFC Controller + Secure Element + eSIM

ST54J ST54J : a system-on-chip (SoC) containing an NFC (Near-Field Communication) controller, Secure Element, and eSIM Secure microcontroller Arm® SecurCore® SC300™ 32-bit RISC core cadenced at 100 MHz 2.0 Mbytes of Flash memory 2 Kbytes o…

TPM vs. TEE vs. SE

Link 概要 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Secure Element (SE)

Infographic - How Java Card secures the IoT space

Java Card ForumのInfographic - How Java Card secures the IoT space

Oracle Java Card 3.1リリース情報

Press Release OTN (Oracle Technology Network) - Java Card Java Card Blog

iPhone XS / XS Max Teardown - eSIM

Link iFixit - Apple iPhone XS / XS Max Teardown Tech Insights - Apple iPhone Xs Max Teardown xTech - 恒例、iPhoneとWatchの2018年モデルをバラしてみました eSIM ST Microelectronics ST33G1M2 32bit ARM SC300 secure core with SWP for Secure elem…

Apple Pay情報まとめ

Link What is Apple Pay and How Does it Work? How to Integrate with Apple Pay?