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Secure Technology Alliance

Secure Technology Alliance 前身はSmart Card Alliance。2017年に名称変更 not-for-profit, multi-industry association, working to stimulate the understanding, adoption and widespread application of secure solutions, including the below. smart …

NFCアプリケーションの管理・統括 - TSM / MNO-TSM / SP-TSM


用語 TSM : Trusted Service Manager MNO-TSM : Mobile Network Operator TSM SP-TSM : Service Provider TSM Link Payment Navi - NFCビジネスの構造とそのメリットとは? SIM、HCEなど... GlobalPlatform - Messaging Specification for Management of Mob…

暗号利用モード (Block cipher mode of operation)

AESの場合 IPA - AES確認リスト AES 動作モード ECB = Electronic Codebook CBC = Cipher Block Chaining CFB = Cipher Feedback OFB = Output Feedback CTR = Counter XTS = XEX encryption mode with tweak and ciphertext stealing Link Wiki - Block cip…